396 Poplar Drive
Albury NSW 2641
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14th April, 2011.

Mary and Joyce - daughters of the Heathwood Family who established Briardale Orchard in 1919 - returned “home” after 63 years. It was wonderful hearing them reminisce of the “Old days” growing up as young children with the simple but fulfilling life the family led. No electricity, water from the well several hundred yards away and long hours in the orchard. The Heathwood family passed on the business to Ned and Mabel Griffiths in 1948, who continued to run the orchard until 1970, later retiring to Coleambally, NSW. The remaining large specimen trees and most of the old shrubs in the garden and orchard area were planted by Mabel. The estate was left vacant until 1980 when the current owners renovated the original pise home, now the owners residence, one of the few remaining rammed earth homes in Albury. The two storey c1830 style house used as the B&B was constructed in July 2002. It was our honour and pleasure to have these two wonderful ladies as our guests - we sincerely hope we have the priviledge again.

Below is Heathwood’s “Briardale Orchard” in the 1920s. The house to the centre right is the orchard house, now used as the host’s residence, and the packing shed.